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Andrea Caldarise

Andrea Caldarise

Brooklyn, NY
Andrea Bartine Caldarise is a painter exploring memories through the language of landscape. Inspired by transitional moments in her environment, the work examines the psychological connection between places and people. Caldarise received a BFA in painting and art history at Tyler School of Art and Architecture, Temple University and an MA from the University of Pennsylvania. Andrea Bartine Caldarise exhibits her artwork in Philadelphia and New York, she lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.
You'll like Andrea if: you like going for long strolls on the beach…and in the park…and down the street...strolls anywhere really
Layered with happiness, trauma, and inequity, public spaces function as mirrors of our present emotions and energies. Through investigating various viewpoints--historical, personal, and imagined--we create empathy within our ever-changing world. These paintings are derived from my experiences within the social and physical landscape of Brooklyn, Philadelphia, and other cities. The way we as a community move through and experience our environments is at the base of my practice.
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