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Ahavani Mullen

Ahavani Mullen

Born Minneapolis, MN / Works in Chicago, IL
When you challenge Ahavani's unidentified objects, they will challenge right back. Under the guise of rock or metal, they are actually made of canvas - carefully shaped right to the moment between growing from within and being hit, twisted, or eroded from outside. So let your eyes follow the incredibly complex curvature like an ant just discovering another dimension. It testifies to the poetic nature of interacting with materials after relinquishing the need to identify what, why, and where from.
You'll love Ahavani if: you've been raking your rock garden
"The objects I create have evolved from silence, from a cultivated stillness and reverence while working. They have become a connecting link, offering a passage into subtle realms of unknown destinations, an intermediate space between the outer and inner worlds, the seen and unseen. These objects now exist as a relatively permanent record of moments spent in such places, encapsulated in an earthly, tangible form."
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