What Does Your Halloween Costume Say About Your Art Taste?

What Does Your Halloween Costume Say About Your Art Taste?

Halloween is the perfect holiday to dress up and pretend to be someone else for the night.  From Goblins to sexy nurse the choice is up to you.  However, your halloween costume also says something about you.  Ever wondered why you gravitate towards certain costumes and the link between that and what art you like? See which costume best suits you and see what your style of art is.   



Historical Costumes: (Cleopatra, Knights, Benjamin Franklin) 

Dressing up as a historical figure proves that you are in touch with history.  The past is something that interests you and you feel a connection to making it relevant once more.  For art this means your taste leans more towards the classics.  Your taste is refined and you have a knowledge of why the artists you lean towards are historically significant.    

Gustav Klimt, "The Kiss"


The Funny Costume: (Avocado, One Night Stand)

The funny costume is a choice for someone who doesn’t take everything so seriously.  It’s good to have fun and to take things on the lighter side.  This can be the same for art.  You think that sometimes that art world can get a little too stuffy and you enjoy artists that are part of the Dada movement due to their going against the grain nature.  Art that doesn’t take itself too seriously is something that peaks your interests.

Marcel Duchamp, "L.H.O.O.Q"


The Sexy _____:  

Halloween is one of those unique opportunities to show off those toned abs you spent all summer on perfecting.  You like art that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and something is probably on the more risque side.  Something to show off to your friends and make them just the slightest bit envious is exactly what you look for. 


Esteban Jimenez Gurerra "Point of View"



Scary: (Killer Clown, Skull Makeup, Vampire) 

A true halloween buff and someone that enjoys to dabble with living on the edge.  Halloween was originally intended to be scary and you live that out to the fullest.  Shock art is something that peaks your interest.  Shock art is contemporary art that incorporates disturbing imagery, sound or scents to create a shocking experience. It is a way to disturb "smug, complacent and hypocritical" people.  Seeing people’s reactions to something that makes them squirm is the cherry on top.    

Damien Hirst

"The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living"


Glamour Costumes:   

You live over the top and for anything fabulous.  Anything that is better suited for the dramatic and is a spectacle is something that you enjoy.  This would be the same and even more so with your art.  You associate art with self expression and take great pride in the art that you like.  You may even enjoy going to art functions and talking about your favorite artists with other admirers.  Performance peaks your interest due to it being a physical representation of change.   


Teching Hseih "Rope Piece"


You believe in goodness and want to prove that being good can defeat evil.  You like the feeling of being omnipotent and strong, admired and revered. You want to save people, especially the most vulnerable and helpless underdogs.  This translates to art that is made by people who are underrepresented in the traditional gallery scene.  This also may be political art, art with a cause and a message.  

Shepard Fairey "Golden Future?"


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