Gallery Wall series: Creating Your Own Gallery Wall

Creating Your Own Gallery Wall


Featured: Liz Ainslie, Flipsy

Have a boring wall you want to dress up? Want to build up your art collection? Not sure how to pull it all together? We hear you, and Curina is here to help! Creating a Gallery Wall is a great way to display your art collection and add interest to a blank space, making it your own.
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Let's do this step-by-step:

1. Whatcha got?

  • Measure to see how much room you have and what configuration it will support
  • Assess your collection – what do you want to include? What’s missing? 
  • Curina’s rental system is a great way to fill in the gaps to build your dream collection, without intimidation or hassle. Rent the piece you want, try it out. If you love it make it yours. If not, no worries, swap it out for another try. 
    2. Choose your own adventure!
    • Theme or no theme? Focus on all faces, or animals, geometric, or botanical themes. 
    • Play with color – choose a monochromatic palette, all primaries, or pastels.
    • Have a favorite artist? Dedicate a wall to that special creative someone! 
    • All about abstract? Crazy for Contemporary? Fanatic for Figurative? Craft your wall to show off your favorite style. 
    • Mix it up – the sky’s the limit! 
      3. Lay it on the line.
      • Do you want a clean, classic traditional layout in equidistant vertical or horizontal placements? 
      • How about an more eclectic mix, with varied sizes, shapes, and positions?  
      4. Dress Rehearsal.
      • Place your artworks in your layout.
      • Test & measure before hanging.
      • Adjust to create a look you love!
      5. Hang Time!
      • Follow our tips for hanging and mounting your artwork:
      • Snap a pic and post to Instagram & tag us! We can’t wait to see how you did! 


      Bonus - Here's Curina Team's pick of the week to inspire you:

      Blue, but not Blue 

      This edition is an ode to post election stress relief, creating a “blue wall” to mark the changing of the guard with feelings of hope, optimism, with liberty & justice for all. You can find these works on our Instagram post where you can directly shop from! Or see more collections here...


      If you still feel in over your head, sign up for a free consultation! Curina’s curating team will meet with you virtually, one on one, to answer your questions and give expert advice. 


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