Gallery Wall: Inspired by Netflix shows

Staff picks by Undram


Do you ever watch a Netflix show or movie so good that even after you binge finish it you scavenge the internet for anything remotely related to it - like absurd and cliche fan theories, random BTS clips, or even videos that profess “THE ENDING OF THE INSANELY GOOD SHOW YOU JUST WATCHED, EXPLAINED”. What’s even worse is when everyone around you is not talking about it. Like c’mon guys, you even saw Emily in Paris! Anyhoo, these curations are going to be EXACTLY about those watches -- the insanely good Netflix shows that don’t receive the rightful recognition they deserve, through art.


PART I: Dark

Ambiance:  Parallel universe   |   Slow suspense   |   Brain-melting convolution

Dark explores the intricacies and complications of time travel when handed to the wrong beings, aka humans. As humans, we are often emotional, selfish, and make terrible decisions. Now add time travel to this and you get chaos. This collection is inspired by THAT chaos: mind-boggling, brain-melting chaos that you just can’t resist.

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PART II: The Platform

Ambiance:  Eye Gore   |   The good, The bad, The really bad

The Platform is the punch in the stomach you feel the moment you go down the top of a roller coaster. It’s a painfully good ride, but also a short one. There is no climax within but the whole movie itself is one giant climax. Plus, it’s in Spanish. I hope this collection brings you that horribly delightful gut-wrenching feeling that I’m talking about.  

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PART III: The End of the F***ing World

Ambiance:  Bloody Hell!!! (in very thick British accent)

Well, this may not be *as* underrated as the others, some of y’all might argue. Fair point - but in my dictionary, if the IG account of the show doesn’t have as many followers as the one for Stranger Things then we still have a long way to go dudes! If you haven’t seen it, this show is about a psychopath who goes out on a ride around town with an equivalently troubled potty-mouth. As a kid, you ever felt this sudden rebellious courage to start packing your stuff to leave for good after getting whooped by your mom? That’s basically this show and collection.

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From the curator's home

Undram oversees Marketing at Curina and has been with the team for a year. She's a semi-avid poster collector as evidenced by her display up here. When she has time, she also likes to draw copyrighted meme art on random objects around her home.


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