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Amy Lincoln
Works in Brooklyn
Why are houseplants such a big part of millennial culture? Perhaps because there is such a satisfying simplicity to how they can grow infinite colors and shapes from just dirt, light, and water. Amy's paintings are odes to these plants, featuring them as the protagonist of a fantastical landscape. Sometimes flower sit right in the center like in a Renaissance portrait, while others lean sideways as if desiring to arrive at the sun that appears in many of Amy's paintings. They make you think about the way we animate non-human things to create little magical narratives in our lives..
You'll love Amy if you: create carefully curated playlists for your pet plants.
"I make still life and landscape paintings that feature closely observed representations of specific plant species. I combine the plant imagery with elements of nature such as distant mountains, fluffy clouds, sun rays, glowing moons, and twinkling stars. The plants are colorful, densely patterned, and also a little monstrous. They reach from one end of the composition to the other, overlapping and revealing unnaturally vivid skies."
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