Adrienne Moumin
Born in Brooklyn, NY; Works between New York NY and Silver Spring, MD

You’ll love Adrienne if: your life is set to the tune of a Gershwin soundtrack

Amy Hughes
Born in Liverpool, U.K / Works in Brooklyn

You’ll love Amy if: your love language is “touch”

Amy Lincoln
Works in Brooklyn

You'll love Amy if you: create carefully curated playlists for your pet plants.

Annette Davidek
Born in Michigan / Works in Brooklyn

You’ll love Annette if: All your books have dried leaves and flowers between pages.

Beth Barry
Born in Massachusetts / Works in Manhattan

You’ll love Beth if: your ideal first date idea is a long walk on the beach.

Caetlynn Booth
Born in St. Helena, CA / Works in Queens, NY

You'll like Caetlynn's works if: You wish they sold kaleidoscopes for adults - but don't we all?

Carolanna Parlato
Works in Gowanus, Brooklyn

You’ll love Carolanna if you: are a champ at layering like a true New Yorker, wearing 5 different shirts in different colors and textures but they work together somehow.

Cecilia Andre
Works in NYC

You’ll love Cecilia if: your spice cabinet is overflowing (sumac, anyone?)

Christina Massey
Works in Brooklyn

You'll like Christina if: you stand in the traditional crafts section at the museum thinking how cool it'd be to learn how to build huge structures out of just straw and twigs.

Debbi Kenote
Works in NYC

You'll love Debbi if: you'd rather take a new path to work every time, even though you know the shortcut

Demo Deng Shiqing
Born in China / Works in Brooklyn

You’ll love Demo if you: Are a Pisces. Or, if you find beauty in the dark and ambiguous things in life (it’s not a phase, mom.)

Ellannah Sadkin
Works in Woodstock, NY

You’ll love Ellanah if you: Like to wear dungarees - bonus point if there are patches or paint splatters on them.

Elody Gyekis
Works in Brooklyn

You’ll love Elody if: you don’t think fantasy and reality are mutually exclusive.

Evan Ishmael
Works in East Williamsburg

You’ll love Evan if you: Throw out those “haha-hmm” one-liners that make your friends question their lives for days after.

You’ll love Fran if: your home is filled with unique trinkets from your travels (no cheesy tchotchkes here!)

James Jaxxa
Works in NYC

Joanne Freeman
Born in Newton, MA / Works in NY

You’ll love Joanne if: You are not intimidated by IKEA building manuals.

Joseph Conrad-Ferm
Born in New Canaan, CT / Works in Hudson Valley, NY

You'll love Joseph if: you take pride in the cluster of stickers covering your entire laptop.

Juan Arango Palacios
Born in Colombia / Works in Chicago

You'll love Juan if: rhinestoning your tights is not a matter of economizing but aesthetics.

Kati Vilim
Born in Hungary / Works in Brooklyn

You’ll love Kati if you: like watching science documentaries (that you don’t necessarily understand) because it gives you the satisfaction of getting in touch with the universe

Katie Hector
Born in Lawrenceville, NJ / Works in NYC

You’ll love Katie if you: were that kid who mixed the 20 kinds of sodas and juices at TGI Friday’s to make mystery concoctions

Katie Niewodowski
Born in FL / Works in NYC

Ketta Ioannidou
Born in Cyprus / Works in Brooklyn

You’ll love Ketta if you: lean your head on the bus widow on a rainy day to see the way raindrops distort passing cityscapes into streaks of light

Kimmy Quillin
Works in Brooklyn

You'll love Kimmy if you: appreciate diners in the city for their neon tubes and retro leather booths despite their terrible service.

Ky Anderson
Works in Brooklyn

You’ll love Ky if: your favorite thing to do while zoning out on the subway is find images in the floor patterns (Grandma? Is that you?)

Lauren Matsumoto
Works in Brooklyn

You’ll love Lauren if: you are a master of the pattern-on-pattern look. Stripes and polka-dots? Denim on slightly lighter colored denim? Bring it on.

Lauren Orscheln
Works in Brooklyn

You'll love Lauren if: you've sat in the subway train from start to end (Coney Island anyone?), watching as people slowly drift out

Leeanne Maxey
Born in AR / Works in Brooklyn, NY

You’ll love Leeanne if: you can be trusted to keep a secret

Liz Ainslie
Works in Brooklyn

You'll love Liz if: your IG grid is full of close-up shots of random objects

Marta Lee
Born in Moscow, ID / Works in Brooklyn, NY

You'll love Marta if: your favorite part of thrift shopping is finding wonky ephemera. Hello, small porcelain cat with a bonnet.

You’ll love Mary if you: have an unexplainable urge to touch the art when visiting the museum

Molly Herman
Born in D.C / Works in Greenpoint, NY

You’ll love Molly if: you find beauty in little things; like a fresh cut bunch of flowers or a perfectly poached egg

Philippe Halaburda
Born in France / Works in New York

You'll love Philippe if you: can remember streets by that one detail only you notice (turquoise door? wonky wainscoting? stain that looks like Jesus?)

Renee Phillips
Works in Chelsea, NYC

Ryan Patrick Martin
Born in Lancaster, PA / Works in NYC

You’ll love Ryan if you: feel an affinity to zany collectible figures and decided to wear the little plushies on your PVC belt to THAT warehouse rave.

Ryan Sarah Murphy
Works in New York

You'll love Ryan if: you get too excited explaining NYC architecture to your friends when they come to visit.

Sasha Hallock
Works in Brooklyn

You'll like Sasha: if you refuse to give your friends Starbucks gift cards. You come up with miraculously personal gifts that remind people of the time you made everyone dance to cheesy Christmas hits.

Saskia Fleishman
Born in Baltimore, MD / Works in Greenpoint

You'll like Saskia if: You spend hours playing around with the gradient tool on Photoshop.

Shira Toren
Born in Tel Aviv, Israel / Works in Bushwick, NY

You'll love Shira's works if: you appreciate the crack and wears on old paintings more than their neatly restored counterparts.

Shyun Song
Born in South Korea / Works in NY

You'll love Shyun if: you've spent an entire Sunday morning in front of a Barnett Newman in MoMA

Sinejan Kılıç Buchina
Born in Turkey / Works in Bushwick, Brooklyn

You’ll love Sinejan if you: are the kind of traveller who would people-watch at a local mom and pop restaurant than visit tourist sites

Sonomi Kobayashi
Born in Japan / Works in NYC

You’ll love Sonomi if you: have (or at least to follow) a Spotify playlist of ambient / instrumental music to help gather your thoughts at the end of the day.

You’ll love Susan if: you prefer to travel by train

You’ll love Suzanne if you: embrace mysteries, especially those you’ve created yourself

Takashi Harada
Born in Arita, Japan / Works in NY

Thomas Spoerndle
Born in Akron, OH / Works in NYC

You'll love Thomas if: salt, pepper, and olive oil is all you need to whip up a culinary masterpiece.

Winnie Sidharta
Works in Queens, NY

You'll love Winnie if: you are easily seduced by the sea of beads, sequins, and tassels at traditional markets.

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